Through BHS, students have the unique opportunity to get real, hands-on experience and make a quantifiable, positive impact that touches nearly every aspect of the UCLA community while helping UCLA take steps towards accomplishing goals such as zero waste by 2020 or carbon neutrality by 2025.

Water Audits

Project Lead: Matt Nero

A series of audits of UCLA buildings for their water usage will determine where the water team can improve efficiency in on-campus buildings. Currently in the pipeline are Powell Library, Boelter Hall, Murphy Hall and the John R. Wooden Recreation and Sports Center. The team will be working with and learning from UCLA employees, grad students, and a water technical advisor from the LA Better Buildings Challenge to accomplish these audits efficiently and effectively.

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UCLA Green Wall

Project Lead: Eyal Li

The UCLA Green Wall Project is an initiative to research growing food using less resources without producing waste. For this project, BHS will design, install, and operate an automated hydroponics farm on site at the UCLA campus. This project aims to increase the availability of nutritious produce and bolster food security for students.

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Project Lead: Benjamin Yang

Cascara is a centralized data collection network using cloud-based technology that will provide immediate feedback to all the other projects, which will accelerate innovation throughout BHS. We plan to implement machine learning techniques to analyze features in the data allowing us to detect irregularities on the fly and increase operational efficiency.

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Powell Lighting Audit

Project Lead: Gabriel Blum

Powell Library, one of the most historic buildings on UCLA’s campus, will soon be undergoing renovations to its first floor book stacks and second floor reading room including a revamped lighting system consisting of energy efficient light fixtures and switches. Our goals for this project are to monitor current light fixtures to determine which units expend energy most inefficiently, calculate potential energy and benefits, and aid lighting engineers with the redesigning.

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Electric Vehicle Conversion

Project Lead: Joey Muerer

The Electric Vehicle Conversion project is focused on taking a classic ’74 Special Edition Volkswagen Beetle and transforming it into a fully functional electric vehicle. We will be using an AC induction motor and lithium iron phosphate batteries amongst other components. The purpose of this project is to show the feasibility of home conversions along with the reusability of current resources.

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ASHRAE Student Design Competition


The Bruin Home Solutions HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) team is working with Acco Engineered Systems to compete in the ASHRAE 2018 Student Design Competition. Culminating in May 2018, the HVAC design competition will challenge the team to design an industrial HVAC system for a 70,000 square-foot multi-use complex in Istanbul, Turkey.

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