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The Leadership Team


Josh is a 3rd-year with a passion for discovery and is pursuing a double-major in physics and business economics. At Bruin Home Solutions, he’s designed sensors, drafted protocols to define the organization’s vision, and received a LEED Green Associate accreditation. In his free time he enjoys hiking, following the news, and reading sci-fi short stories.

Hydroponics Co-Lead

Max is a second-year environmental science student and is planning on specializing in environmental engineering. He is interested in antibiotic-resistance genes in bacteria and their effects on the ecosystem. Max is from Indiana, and he often spends summers in Italy and Alaska. In his free time, Max likes to rock climb, play soccer, and watch movies.

Aquaponics Lead

I am a junior at UCLA majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I joined BHS in 2018 as part of the aquaponics team and I am excited for the project to be built and fully operational. A high priority of mine is taking into account every team member’s opinions and ideas. I also want to make sure each team member can make meaningful, experience-building contributions. Outside of the club I like to play instruments, work on personal projects, and enjoy being a student at UCLA.

Electric Vehicle Co-Lead

My name is Cristian Rodriguez, I am an Electrical Engineering student interested in renewable energy systems, and anything that has to do with batteries. This past summer I spent interning at Autodesk as a Robotic Process Automation Engineer. My future career plans involve entrepreneurship, product management, and venture capital. In my spare time I like to play soccer, go on backpacking trips, and work on personal engineering projects.

Electric Skateboard Lead

Hello friends! I’m a third-year mechanical engineering major interested in renewable energy and sustainable construction. I’ve been a member of BHS since my first year at UCLA, and I’m really excited to be a part of the leadership team this year. Besides that, I’m originally from a small town in the central valley of California called Modesto, and I love to backpack, hike, and snowboard.

LEED Training Co-Lead

Kian is a second-year undeclared engineer interested in sustainability and activism. He believes many human issues are closely related to environmental issues and that addressing both leads to the best solutions. In his spare time he enjoys gardening and learning local history.

Co-Director of Marketing

Veeda is a third year Business-Economics major minoring in Global Studies. Her passion for sustainability as it relates to international development sparked her interest in the business-side of Bruin Home Solutions and prompted her to take on the role of Marketing Director. In her free time, Veeda most enjoys traveling, backpacking, snowboarding, and painting.

Director of Development

Hi, I’m Megan and I am a 4th year studying Environmental Science and Conservation Biology. I am very excited to be a member of the leadership team this year and to have the opportunity to work alongside so many like-minded students who are all passionate about sustainability. In my free time I enjoy skiing, mountain biking and backpacking!

Technology Lead

Noa is a 3rd year studying electrical engineering at UCLA. He is interested in sustainability and aquaponics, and he originally joined BHS as a part of the aquaponics team. For the tech team, he plans to integrate automated data collection and feedback systems into the aquaponics and hydroponics projects. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, hiking, reading, and running.

Director of Engineering

Joe is a 4th-year bioengineering student with an immense passion for sustainability. He firmly believes that aquaponics is one of the best ways to sustainably produce healthy food for urban populations in the future, and thus, he cannot wait until the aquaponics system is operational. Furthermore, Joe is looking to pursue a PhD in biosystems engineering after he graduates in June of 2020. Working with Bruin Home Solutions has allowed him to meet a diverse group of intelligent, like-minded people working to achieve a common goal, and for that, he is very grateful.

Hydroponics Co-Lead

Jay is a 3rd year cognitive science major with a specialization in computing, and is on a pre-med track. He is interested in behavioral neuroscience and hopes to eventually become a neurosurgeon. Jay spends his free time working out, playing basketball, learning guitar, and playing video games. His favorite movie is The Dark Knight.

Darkling Beetle Lead

George is a 3rd year Environmental Science/Engineering and Japanese double-major. He’s worked with BHS aquaponics, and is currently leading the team’s research in darkling beetle development. His favorite animal is the silky sifaka.

Electric Vehicle Co-Lead

I’m one of the Electric Vehicle Conversion team leads, and am a second year electrical engineering major from the San Fernando Valley. I like to listen to and play jazz guitar.

LEED Labs Lead

Tsandi is a 4th-year Civil Engineering major from SoCal, organizing UCLA’s first interdisciplinary LEED Lab program. In the future, she aims to break ground in Structural Engineering and Architecture. She is interested in sustainable design for public buildings and airports, and retrofitting existing buildings in impoverished areas. In her free time, you can catch her meal-prepping different plant-based recipes, at JWC, reading, learning foreign languages, or working on her DIY Home Remodeling.

LEED Training Co-Lead

I’m a senior studying applied math with interests in architecture, civil engineering, data science, and software engineering. I’m very interested in making our campus greener through auditing and renovating our buildings, and getting as many students LEED certified as possible. In my free time I love playing soccer, going to concerts, and exploring LA’s food scene.

Co-Director of Marketing

Hi I’m Fran! I’m a 4th year International Development Studies and Political Science double major. My passion for sustainability and the environment sparked my interest in joining BHS. I’m excited to spread the word about BHS’s mission and diverse range of projects through my position as Co-Director of Marketing. In my free time, I love going to the beach, hiking and drinking chai lattes.

Director of Finance

Zachary is a 4th year studying Economics and Political Science with a passion for environmental and renewable technologies within the business and finance field. He is a local of Los Angeles and is interested in the pursuit of a better and more sustainable local community and world through green technologies. At Bruin Home Solutions, Zachary is the Finance Director and has previously been involved in the Hydroponics team. In his free time, he also enjoys ballroom dancing, traveling, and reading about the world and new ideas.

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