Founder & Former President

Riley is our fearless founder. He founded Bruin Home Solutions to support UCLA’s ambitious sustainability goals, provide an opportunity for students to gain real-world engineering and business experience, and provide value to UCLA’s student body for 20+ years to come. As Editor in Chief of his high school newspaper, Chemistry and Materials Science major at UCLA, and an entrepreneur that has started a video production company, Riley is multi-talented and qualified for the job. On the weekends you can find him out on the golf course, white water river rafting, or cooking up some BBQ Tri-Tip.

Former Director of Development

Vittorio graduated from UCLA in 2019, and is interested in business development, disruptive innovation, and law. A Pittsburgh native, Vittorio is an uncommon communicator with a distinct passion for excellence. On campus at UCLA he spends his time learning, competing as a member of the rugby team, and preparing to pursue a dual JD/MBA. When Riley first brought up the idea of Bruin Home Solutions, Vittorio knew this was the venture he wanted to get invested in. In his free time, Vittorio enjoys playing chess, reading, and traveling internationally.

Former Electrical Vehicle Lead

Joey Meurer graduated in 2019, with a major in mechanical engineering. He leading the Electric Vehicle Conversion Project, specifically the structural mechanics team. He is interested in clean and responsible technology especially in the transportation and space-exploration fields and has had experience in food and beverage manufacturing as well as 3D-printing. Growing up in Germany has instilled in him a love of travel. His favorite past times include skiing and mountain biking. After graduation he plans to work for an electric vehicle company in California.

Former Water Team Lead

Matthew Nero graduated from UCLA as a physics major and was the lead for the Water Team at Bruin Home Solutions. His goal is to become a physics professor and make an impactful discovery in theoretical physics. In his free time, Matt likes to play rugby, travel, and learn new things.

Former Director of Marketing

Melody Song is a 4th-year student at UCLA pursuing a double major in Business Economics and Political Science. At Bruin Home Solutions, she served as Director of Marketing and managed the website and social media outlets. She is currently working for Soylent’s marketing team as the start-up’s first intern and has previously worked for a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Energy. She hopes to pursue a career in consulting and will be working for a firm in Downtown Los Angeles in June of 2018. In her free time she enjoys playing soccer and going to live music events.

Former Executive Vice President

Bahraam is an LA native studying Economics in his 4th year at UCLA. He served as the Executive VP, helped raise funding for the project teams and organized a team to conduct industry analysis on the LEED retrofitting market in LA. He is interested in pursuing management consulting and growing with a company after graduation. He enjoys traveling, basketball, and the beach.

Former Solar Water Dispenser Lead

Suryansh Rana is an electrical engineering major at UCLA. At BHS, Suryansh served as the project manager for E-assist bike share program and is leading the R&D for solar water dispensers. He was also a part of the Electric Vehicle Conversion Project. Suryansh is a strong proponent of renewable energy and has interned at a 5 MW solar farm in India. He takes keen interest in electric vehicles and hopes to apply his academia in this industry. Constantly on the lookout for adventure, Suryansh generally prefers outdoor sports such as surfing and snowboarding for his past times.

Former LEED Team Lead

Kamryn graduated in 2019 with a major in Environmental Science. As co-Project Manager of the LEED & Audit Team, she teaches the LEED Green Associate class and runs water audits in the restrooms on campus. Outside of class and BHS, you can find Kamryn working on a handful of other sustainability projects with the Office of Sustainability. If she’s lucky to find free time, she loves spending it by painting watercolors and writing for her minimalism blog.

Former Hydroponics Lead

Eyal Li graduated from UCLA in 2019, with an Environmental Science major and Environmental Engineering minor. He is particularly interested in air pollution research in developing regions. Outside of Bruin Home Solutions, Eyal enjoys gardening, cycling, and playing music with friends.

Former Director of Technology

Felix Jen graduated from UCLA with a Business Economics major with a focus on Accounting. In the future, he aims to break into the field of corporate law, doing mergers and acquisitions after receiving his CPA license. He served as Director of Technology for Bruin Home Solutions, and led the initiative for smart home as well as smart city product development.

Former Director of Human Resources

Renee graduated from UCLA with a major in psychology, and earned a certificate in Human Resources Management through UCLA Extension. She currently works as a recruiter at a tech company in El Segundo and conducts research relating to social psychology through the department on the side. Renee became interested in the field of Human Resources several years ago when she realized that she wanted to use her experience in research to apply psychological principles in the workplace. Renee was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, and in her free time likes to ski, hike, and go to festivals.

Former HVAC Lead

 Aaron is a 4th-year mechanical engineering major who led the HVAC team. He enjoys life most when he’s surrounded by nature, playing the piano, or watching a fascinating VICE documentary. He hopes to pursue clean-tech entrepreneurship in the future.

Former LEED Training Lead

Gabe is a 4th-year Civil and Environmental Engineering student at UCLA interested in sustainable design and construction. Gabe has experience in the construction industry and has passed the LEED Green Associate exam.

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