Water Team Lead

Matthew Nero is a 4th-year physics major and the lead for the Water Team at Bruin Home Solutions. His goal is to become a physics professor and make an impactful discovery in theoretical physics. In his free time, Matt likes to play rugby, travel, and learn new things.

Director of Marketing

Melody Song is a 3rd-year student at UCLA pursuing a double major in Business Economics and Political Science. At Bruin Home Solutions, she serves as Director of Marketing and manages the website and social media outlets. She is currently working for Soylent’s marketing team as the start-up’s first intern and has previously worked for a subsidiary of the U.S. Department of Energy. She hopes to pursue a career in consulting and will be working for a firm in Downtown Los Angeles in June of 2018. In her free time she enjoys playing soccer and going to live music events.

Director of Technology

Felix Jen is a senior at UCLA and is pursuing a Business Economics major with a focus on Accounting. In the future, he aims to break into the field of corporate law, doing mergers and acquisitions after receiving his CPA license. He is currently the Director of Technology for Bruin Home Solutions, and leads the initiative for smart home as well as smart city product development.

Director of Human Resources

Renee is a 4th-year Psychology Major earning a certificate in Human Resources Management through UCLA Extension. She currently works as a recruiter at a tech company in El Segundo and conducts research relating to social psychology through the department on the side. Renee became interested in the field of Human Resources a few year ago when she realized that she wanted to use her experience in research to apply psychological principles in the workplace. Renee was born and raised in the Silicon Valley, and in her free time likes to ski, hike, and go to festivals.

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