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Breaking Down Polystyrene in a Sustainable Pathway 

Our Mealworm team is dedicated to the research of polystyrene-consuming mealworms and the net carbon-negative impact that turning the various waste products of the mealworm’s life cycle into food will have on the world. This year, our mealworm team has expanded their plastic to food objective by partnering with UCLA’s Dr. Kym F. Faull, PhD for toxicity testing on the safety of mealworm consumption, and conducting independent research on the productivity of frass-fertilized soil, and the dietary sufficiency of mealworm-based fish food.

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Combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture

The aquaponics team is constructing a fully-functioning aquaponics system on campus to demonstrate the feasibility and productivity of a zero-waste growing system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics. Our goal is to implement novel urban food production systems to promote sustainable agriculture. By building and maintaining a fully functioning aquaponics system on campus, we will demonstrate the feasibility and productivity of a zero-waste growing system that combines aquaculture with hydroponics and help UCLA become a leader in sustainability.

Bruin Builders

Designing and Building Sustainable Houses in the Solar Decathlon

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Solar Decathlon® is a collegiate competition, comprising 10 Contests, that challenge student teams to design and build highly efficient and innovative buildings powered by renewable energy. Our project competes in this competition using knowledge of research, architecture, CAD, rendering, and physics

Bruin Beekeepers

Beekeeping and Awareness

The main purpose of the Bruin Beekeepers is the build a bee loving community and educate students about the basics of bees. Currently, this project runs 4 bee hives on the top of the Life Science Building. Departmental updates are relayed at the beginning of each meeting with the latest events and announcements relevant to the general members. The club has promoted sustainability, awareness, and celebrates honeybees and native bees alike on and around campus.

LEED Training

Prep Class for the LEED Certification

The LEED Green Associate Prep Course is a free 4-week training program that meets once a week to prepare students to earn the LEED Green Associate professional accreditation, which shows that individuals have an understanding of current green building practices and standards developed by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

EV Conversion

Conversion of a VW Bug to Electric Power

In order to provide practical education for the rapidly growing Electric Vehicle (EV) industry and promote UCLA sustainability, BHS is transforming a classic 1974 Special Edition Volkswagen Beetle into a fully functioning electric car. We have completed a full exterior restoration and are now turning our attention to electrical system and powertrain.

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