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Aquaponics is a sustainable agricultural model that combines hydroponics (growing plants in a nutrient solution) with aquaculture (raising fish). Due to a controlled environment, growing conditions can be altered to maximize efficiency and productivity. Thus, aquaponics has significant potential to reduce food insecurity and increase access to fresh produce, especially in urban areas. The BHS Aquaponics team is constructing a fully-functioning prototype of an aquaponics system on campus in order to promote sustainable food production. We hope to demonstrate the feasibility of a simple yet efficient zero-waste growing system and educate students about novel agricultural models.

Previously, the hydroponics team designed and constructed a hydroponics farm on the roof of the Luskin School of Public Affairs. In 2018, the Aquaponics Team won first place in UCLA’s Sustainability Innovation Challenge and received $40,000. In 2021-2022, the team designed and received approval for its proposal to construct an aquaponics system on the roof of the Math Science building. In 2022-2023, we finalized the design, figured out logistics, and began construction. Additionally, the Aquaponics team collaborated with Design Create SOLAR during 2020-2022 to build a mobile hydroponics system powered by solar panels.

Our current goals are to continue with construction and then integrate plants and fish into the system!

Hydroponic Vegetable
Hydroponic Vegetable Farm

3 Teams:

- Engineering
- Plants & Fish
- Solar

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