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What is BHS?

BHS is a student-run environmental club that is fighting the effects of climate change and environmental issues through sustainability projects that can make a quantifiable impact. Anyone, no matter the background, is welcome at BHS and can contribute in an impactful way

What are our Projects?

BHS is currently made up of 9 projects, each serving a different mission in the UCLA community. We want our members to have hands-on experience improving the environment around them.

Why BHS?

We provide a supportive space for sustainability oriented students to join exciting projects or start their own! Our sustainability niche helps provide structure to projects and has the added potential to bring about exciting changes here at UCLA. Change is often slow, but BHS enables students to push for quicker adoption of innovative sustainable practices here on UCLA’s campus. BHS acts as an example of how students can have an impact on their community.


Forming New Projects

BHS is always open to supporting new sustainable projects. Anyone from UCLA with initiative and leadership skills is able to start a project of their own. There is no requirement of being a previous member or in leadership, if you have an idea, we can help make it a reality. Having 9 other projects, BHS has the infrastructure and knowledge base and resources to take your idea into fruition.

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