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Bruin Beekeepers


Build a network of apiaries (cluster of beehives) on campus and instate a new student organization to manage them and coordinate related events/outreach. In addition to increasing campus biodiversity, Bruin Apiary serves as a sustainability education/research hub for a variety of bee-related topics. Workshops and tabling (both in-person and virtual) will be co-hosted with campus entities like ResLife (housing administration) and IoES (sustainability instutute) and will be centered around the ecological importance of bees, beekeeping, and bee products. Some drafted examples include “Beeswax Candle-Making”, “Diversity and Function of Bees in California”, and “Bee Economics”. Part of our educational philosophy is to use bee hives/products as an example to stress the importance and potential of local economies in building sustainability and economic independence/resilience. In addition to workshops, the organization trains and certifies new undergraduate and faculty/staff members in beekeeping and provides leadership opportunities for those interested in exploring careers in sustainability.

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3 Departments, 13 Teams:

- Education
            - Beekeeper Training Program
            - Workshops
            - Newsletter
- Operations
            - Research
            - Living Lab
            - Campus Native Bees
            - Life Science Building Hives Project
            - Sunt Ranch Native Hives Project
            - Native Hive Restoration
- Development
            - Inspections and Maintenance External
            - Inspections and Maintenance Botanical
            - Inspections and Maintenance Life Science Building
            - Emergency Response

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